$132 Mln to Restore the Agricultural Sector of Ukraine

by Roman Cheplyk
Sunday, April 2, 2023
$132 Mln to Restore the Agricultural Sector of Ukraine

The World Bank intends to join USAID's "Agricultural sustainability initiative in Ukraine"

The WB has released an interview about its participation in the recovery of the Ukrainian agricultural complex, which suffered due to a full-scale Russian invasion. One of the aid measures will be the provision of $132 million to Ukraine for the reformation of the program Acceleration of Private Investments in the Agriculture of Ukraine, the development of 5-7-9, the reformation of the Ukrainian program Acceleration of private investments in the agriculture of Ukraine, crediting of private farms, development facilitation horticulture and solving the problem of irrigation. The contribution of the World Bank will be part of a large-scale mechanism from the UN and USAID, which help Ukraine to work in its strategic sectors even in war conditions.

It is noted that financing is provided with the use of specialiиed verifications that guarantee the absence of corruption schemes and "directly support the citizens of Ukraine.

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