25% of Ukrainians Started to Suffer From PTSD  

by Roman Cheplyk
Monday, February 20, 2023
25% of Ukrainians Started to Suffer From PTSD   

The Ukrainian project "Prometheus" launched courses on counteracting PTSD acquired due to war

The Russian war kills Ukrainians and takes the everyday life of living people. Ukrainians know that not from the movies about post-traumatic stress disorder, bullying, and sexual violence. "Russian peace" brought all this to Ukraine. 

The social project Prometheus wants to help the compatriots and opens free courses for migrants. In general, psychologists and the Ukrainian Catholic University created 4 psychological programs – these are the first similar courses in the Ukrainian language. Ukrainians can already register for psychological assistance programs:

  • Prevention of sexual violence for specialists;

The courses describe how to act and assist victims of sexual violence by the invaders and in general, on the background of war. Training is available to military, medical, humanitarian, and public organisations, etc.

  • Prevention of sexual violence for everyone;

The training course is written following international standards. He tells how to counter offenders and also gives practical exercises.

  • Traumatic experience and PTSD: tools for psychotherapist;

This course is intended for specialists working with the victims in Ukraine. The program tells about the basic psychotherapeutic approaches and works with the victims of war.

  • The course of psychological reintegration of internally displaced persons;

This psychological and educational program is suitable for both war victims and volunteers, and public organisations. Specialists have built the program so that people know how to get rid of fears and adapt to a new place and others.

We would like to remind that earlier, we wrote about a sociological survey about the number of victims and their health during the year of the war.

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