American Kamikaze to Appear in Ukraine

by Olha Povaliaieva
Tuesday, August 23, 2022
American Kamikaze to Appear in Ukraine

Ukraine and US army plan to sign a contract for "Switchblade" drones

The armed forces of the Russian Federation have no more than 30 days to withdraw from Ukrainian territory. The American drones will likely be in service in Ukraine at the end of this period. Pentagon press secretary Jessica Maxwell reports that 10 Switchblade 600 drones will arrive in Ukraine within 1 month.

Earlier, the Pentagon supplied Ukraine with the unmanned aircraft Switchblade 300. The range of the drone kamikaze is no more than 10 km. Now the American armed forces are considering a contract to supply Ukrainian defenders with Switchblade 600 drones. Their range reaches 40 km. The weapon can be used both for surveys within 40 minutes and for precision attacks. In the form of arms, Switchblade 600 is capable of attacking armoured self-propelled artillery.

The American Defense News agency reports that Ukraine will be sent 10 such drones after signing the contract. 

"The attractiveness of loitering ammunition is that they can simultaneously provide intelligence and the task of strikes. And although less sophisticated pilots can be used to identify the goals of Russian artillery, Russian troops use radio-electronic means to track them to their pilots and strike in response," the publication says.

Such transfers are therefore crucial for the protection of territories and equal combat.

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