Won’t Swim to Victory

by Olha Povaliaieva
Tuesday, November 8, 2022
Won’t Swim to Victory

Turkey prevented several Russian military shops from entering the Black sea

Not all Russian crews and marine technicians will be able to take part in the war against the neighbouring country. This is not only because the Ukrainian armed forces have already sent several Russian warships to the bottom.

According to the chief editor of BlackSeaNews Andrii Klymenko, the Turkish government did not release 2 Russian ships at sea. The message is about Russian Pacific fleet ships. On board the ships are missile launchers and ammunition that are probably intended to attack Ukraine. Russian sailors waited nine months for permission from Turkey, but the miracle did not happen. Both ships received a ban on entering the Black Sea from Istanbul, so they went back to their bases.

Klimenko also noted that the ships were drawn symbols of Russian aggression against Ukraine — signs "Z" and "V". On 6 November, "unscheduled" ships were sighted in more bays on their way home.

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