Crimea Is Ukraine 

by Meifan Honcharuk
Thursday, August 10, 2023
Crimea Is Ukraine 

Ukrainian resistance movement "Yellow ribbon" started the action "Catch the pitch" in the Crimea

Last year, the resistance movement Yellow ribbon was born in the Kherson region occupied by Russian soldiers. Ukrainian activists opposed the Russian government and distributed details that remind the occupiers that the occupied territories are Ukrainian. In 2023, this movement not only reached 7.000 activists but even reached the Crimean peninsula occupied in 2014.

Now Russians in Ukrainian Crimea can find on the streets of the city yellow tennis balls. Activists write patriotic slogans on these balls and offer to do it to anyone who believes that Crimea is Ukraine.

The action started on August 2 and was named Catch the pitch. The main attribute chosen was shady balls and crowded places. The organisers believe that the light balls will easily spread through the cities occupied by us by wind, fountains, and the flow of cars and pedestrians. "Waiting for the armed forces of Ukraine", "Yellow ribbon", "Crimea is Ukraine" etc., inscribed on the balls. Previously, Russian invaders could tear down posters and themed yellow ribbons with pro-Ukrainian slogans. It will be much harder to collect tennis balls from different corners of the street and shops. Anyone can join the action. To do this, people need to take the ball, write a message for the occupiers and place it anywhere. Catch the pitch action of passing from the resistance movement helps the Russian invaders to understand that it is time to liberate the occupied territories. The move would have no boundaries.

"We call on Ukrainians in all the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine to join the action. Remind the occupiers that time to leave the Ukrainian territory, they have little," says the opposition movement.

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