“Yellow Ribbon” Continues to Liberate Kherson

More and more pro-Ukrainian symbols appear in the temporarily occupied Genichesk and Skadovsk 
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Yellow Ribbon” is an underground Ukrainian organization that originated in the occupied regions of Ukraine as a force to counter the Russians. Members of the “Yellow Ribbon” keep their identities secret for their own safety, and day after day they help the Armed Forces of Ukraine to liberate Ukraine from the Russian presence. Thanks to the “Yellow Ribbon”, in particular, Kherson was liberated. 

The “Yellow Ribbon” also operates in the temporarily occupied cities of Genichesk and Skadovsk. Leaflets are hung here every day, which remind the Ukrainians that the occupation is temporary, and Ukraine is already very close. Separately 


“Yellow Ribbon”:

"Freedom is the national idea of Ukrainians, the racists don't know this, they don't know anything about Ukraine and Ukrainians, and that's why they fear us."

The inscription: "Referendums cannot change Ukraine. 603.7 (area of Ukraine — ed.)."

The inscription — "Armed Forces of Ukraine is here".

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