Each Russian Will Meet the Shark

by Meifan Honcharuk
Thursday, June 22, 2023
Each Russian Will Meet the Shark

The Armed Forces of Ukraine received additional intelligence complexes "Shark"

Officials of the Main directorate of intelligence of Ukraine received 2 Shark intelligence complexes of Ukrainian development and production. 1 system consists of 2 drones with cameras and the ability to lift cargo, a vehicle and a launcher. The cost of 1 such Shark command point is $350.000, and its purchase was made thanks to charitable donations to the Come Back Alive and OKKO funds. In total, money has already been collected for the purchase of 25 Sharks.

"Shark will adjust and seek targets, specifically for HIMARS. This UAV from the Ukrainian manufacturer showed itself well in combat conditions. In the past few weeks alone, the first complex donated by benefactors has been confirmed to have destroyed approximately $25 million worth of Russian equipment," the MID.

Enough for all the occupants.

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