Estonia Joined Lithuania

by Olha Povaliaieva
Monday, July 12, 2022
Estonia Joined Lithuania

Estonia blocked the export of sanctioned goods from Russia

According to the Tax and customs department of Estonia, on July 11, an embargo on trade with Russia for goods from the sanctions list came into force in the state. A day earlier, the particular period for fulfilling obligations under previously concluded agreements ended. The ban applies to both individuals and businesses. As part of the adopted EU sanctions package, the borders of Estonia are closed to the import of Russian furniture/wood and wood products, potassium fertilizers, pneumatic tires, cement, and some other building materials, glass bottles, and other containers, alcoholic beverages.

It is also forbidden to export from Estonia to Russia cash over what is needed for the trip, electrical appliances worth more than €750, and goods worth more than €300. The violator of sanctions threatens from a fine (for legal entities and individuals) to imprisonment for up to 5 years (for individuals).

We remind you that on July 11, a ban on the transit of goods to Kaliningrad came into force in Lithuania. And even if he had not entered, the railway serving this transit had already been dismantled.

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