Estonia Proposes to Isolate Russia

by Olha Povaliaieva
Monday, September 5, 2022
Estonia Proposes to Isolate Russia

The prime minister of Estonia called on the EU to work to strengthen sanctions against the country that attacked Ukraine

Prime minister of Estonia Kaya Kallas believes that the Russian Federation should be restricted in everything and as soon as possible. She said that the European Union should adopt a new package of sanctions against the aggressor country because it will reduce the flow of money to the country which is going to war in Ukraine. Also, Kallas wants to stop letting Russians in EU countries. She said this at the Berlin ceremony held on the International Award of the Hayek Foundation.

At the beginning of the war, a politician from Estonia called for limiting Russian revenues from the sale of energy with which Putin supports the war against the neighbouring country. Prime minister Kallas recalled this and added that the decision of the G7 to introduce a price limit on Russian oil should be fulfilled. This will make it possible to isolate the Russian Federation from all sides.

"This step will reduce Russia's ability to use energy weapons against us and increase the impact of EU sanctions. The more countries join the agreement on the price limit, the more effective it will be," said the Estonian prime minister.

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