Estonian PM Supports Ukrainian Peace Formula

by Olha Povaliaieva
Thursday, December 29, 2022
Estonian PM Supports Ukrainian Peace Formula

Kaja Kallas called the victory of Ukraine the only way to restore global peace

On December 29, Russia launched a massive terrorist missile attack against Ukraine. More than 120 missiles were directed at civilian infrastructure and the civilian population. In response to another Russian terrorist act, many politicians from different countries spoke out: Germany, Moldova, England, France.

Estonian prime minister Kaja Kallas denounced Russia in lies and cruelty and called on the world community to continue to support Ukraine until the very victory.

"While Russia wants to make the world believe it seeks peace, in reality, it continues its massive war crimes against Ukrainians. The way to peace is to help Ukraine win and scale up military aid," Kaja Kallas.

Today, millions of people in Ukraine sat in a bomb shelter for 5 hours and 44 minutes.

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