European Association of Software Engineering Created a Film About Ukrainian IT 

by Olha Povaliaieva
Sunday, October 30, 2022
European Association of Software Engineering Created a Film About Ukrainian IT 

"The First Code" is available on "Netflix", "Amazon", and "Apple TV"

The film, which tells the history of the formation of Ukrainian ITThe First Code — is a project of the European Association of Software Engineering. EASE, together with the Ukrainian producer Liubov Mochalova, began filming the film in December 2021. The film is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2022 and presented in several languages on the Netflix, Amazon, and Apple TV shooting platforms.

The film tells the burning story of the startup and development of IT in Ukraine. History began in 1985. Also, the film will tell about the cyberwar with Russia. The screenwriters found enough information thanks to cooperation with the Glushkov institute of cybernetics of Ukraine's national academy of sciences and the Ministry of digital transformation. The authors also use the information received from conversations with Ukrainian startups and organizations that entered the international market. To create The First Code, film specialists spoke with representatives of:

  • EPAM;
  • SoftServe;
  • Sigma Software Group;
  • Uklon;
  • 3D look;
  • Eke;
  • Lookery;
  • Tech is;
  • NICS;
  • Infopulse Ukraine.

"This is a dream project. No one has not collected in one place all the information about how Ukrainian IT was born. When we started working on the film, we thought that the beginning of the history of the Ukrainian IT sphere was in 1991. In fact, outsourcing was still starting in 1985. Who could think," says the interviewer of the film and the president of EASE Savchenko.

So all those who are interested in IT and documentaries will soon be able to learn how the sphere was created, which Ukrainian specialists now conquer the whole world.

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