Families of the Regiment “Azov” Met With the Red Cross

by Olha Povaliaieva
Tuesday, September 20, 2022
Families of the Regiment “Azov” Met With the Red Cross

The regional representative of the ICRC delegation to the USA and Canada described issues that were being addressed to assist prisoners

Representatives of the Association of families of defenders of Azovstal made a working trip to America. Relatives of the Ukrainian soldiers captured were with soldiers of the Azov regiment, who did not get hit or were released from the captivity of Russian soldiers. In Washington, the delegation of Kateryna Prokopenko, Yuliia Fedosiuk, Alla Samoilenko, Heorhii Kuparashvili, Vladyslav Zhaivoronok, and Artur Lypka met with a representative of the International сommittee of the Red Cross. This meeting is important for the fate of the Ukrainian prisoners of war, as the Red Cross and the United Nations acted as guarantors of the security of the Mariupol fighters who surrendered to the Russian captivity.

The Ukrainian delegation spoke with the regional representatives of the ICRC delegation in the USA and Canada Patrick Hamilton about the possibility of obtaining data on prisoners of war and their living conditions. The Ukrainians want the Red Cross mission to visit military detention facilities and take care of the humanitarian convoys — food and winter clothes. Both sides also discussed the presence of pregnant women in Russian captivity. It is reported that they do not have proper care and should be released urgently. The Association of аamilies also called on the Red Cross to investigate the attack in Olenivka and facilitate the return of the bodies of the dead to Ukraine.

Patrick Hamilton and other ICRC representatives promised not to stop attempts to gain access to captured Ukrainian fighters.

Let us recall that earlier, we wrote about the released paramedic Taira, who threw the Helsinki court with evidence.

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