For the 1st Time in Life of Russians, They Will Eat Quality Food. Stolen

by Olha Povaliaieva
Wednesday, June 1, 2022
For the 1st Time in Life of Russians, They Will Eat Quality Food. Stolen

The occupiers take away the harvest from Ukrainian farmers: they began to export fresh berries and vegetables to Russia

Kherson and Zaporizhzhia are the main suppliers of vegetables and berries in Ukraine. They are currently occupied by Russians who force Ukrainians to give their crops. Moreover, farmers were taxed, which are not subject to the tax norms of Ukraine and are transferred to Russia. Thus, Ukrainians take both harvest and money.

Kherson region, Kakhovka town. Here, the most significant number of vegetables are grown: peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes, and more. This is one of the largest agricultural regions of Ukraine, and the occupiers know about it. The Russians banned Ukrainian farmers from using the land and forced them to write applications for "agricultural activities" and a separate application for permission to water the fields, plus unknown taxes going to Russia. In fact, the Russian occupiers forced the Ukrainians to ask the invaders for permission to use their own land! Those who refused to cooperate with the occupiers were threatened with collectivization (ie, forced harvesting). Attention: Ukrainians worked in conditions where the Russians stole agricultural machinery and fertilizers. Nevertheless, when spring came, the occupiers returned and took the harvest and sent it to the Crimea and then to Russia. That is, collectivization took place regardless of whether the farmer signed the application for a permit or not. This is proof that the looting of Ukrainian food regions was immediately part of the plan of Russia.

We remind you that while the Ukrainians were growing vegetables, the Russians were exporting looted Ukrainian grain. And continue to do it. 

In some areas of the Kherson region, the occupiers demand to plant only sunflower seeds and directly say that they will take away 70% of the future harvest, in which Ukrainians invest their money and energy. Here Ukrainians are used as slaves: forced to work according to the demands of the occupiers and take away the fruit of labor.

"Russians in Crimea are happy with cheap early vegetables imported from the Kherson region. The products have a taste and are sold at much lower prices. However, as he stressed, no one there cares that this harvest was stolen from Ukrainians. Kherson region is an agricultural region that supplies vegetables to the whole country. At first, the Russian invaders cut off the temporarily occupied Kherson region from the rest of Ukraine and then forced them to sell vegetables for pennies, effectively robbing them. In other people's deaths and grief, the invaders rejoice in cheap and stolen vegetables," said Serhii Khlan, an adviser to the head of the regional military administration.

Zaporizhzhia region, the town of Melitopol. The whole country knows that Melitopol is the capital of wild cherries. But this year, it will be tasted not by Ukrainians but by Russians. All public and private enterprises are occupied: berries and fruits will be forcibly confiscated by the occupiers and taken to Crimea and Russia. Of course, no one will pay Ukrainians for this.

"A few days before the wild cherry harvest, the racists (Russian fascist — ed) gathered all the farmers who grow it in large quantities and offered them cooperation: they take all the cherries for sale and then transfer some money. So the harvest has begun, but farmers may run out of money," the mayor of Melitopol Ivan Fedorov.

''All agricultural enterprises have long been under the control of the occupiers, they occupied all our gardens and state-owned enterprises, and today it is hazardous to engage in farming. Unfortunately, this season in Ukraine, it will not be possible to taste Melitopol cherries,'' Ivan Fedorov.

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