G20 Requires Russia to Unblock Ukrainian Ports

by Olha Povaliaieva
Saturday, July 9, 2022
G20 Requires Russia to Unblock Ukrainian Ports

The G20 members supported the demand to unblock grain exports from Ukraine, which were blocked by Russia

Russia has brought not only destruction and death to Ukraine. Russia has brought Ukraine and the world back to the past, like a Holodomor.

The port facilities of Odesa can not be used for grain export because of mined waters and the threat from Russian ships. The port in Mariupol is temporarily occupied, and the Mykolaiv region is under threat of attack and already has destroyed infrastructure branches. It is virtually impossible to compensate for land-based maritime logistics.

Therefore, the G20 participants called on Russia to stop grain terror. The politicians supported Ukraine's demand for Russia to lift the blockade on grain exports. Such an act by Russia looks like blackmail to the whole world. However, the G20 countries do not intend to succumb to Russia.

"Hopefully, the result of this meeting will be that Russia understands how widespread the consensus is about the need to make progress on the grain issue," Reuters quoted the words of a western official.

The grain issue has been discussed since Friday afternoon. We note that representatives of Russia were not at the meeting because foreign minister Serhii Lavrov chose to escape from Bali before lunch.

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