Hollywood Actor Liev Schreiber Volunteers in Lviv

by Olha Povaliaieva
Friday, May 6, 2022
Hollywood Actor Liev Schreiber Volunteers in Lviv

Schreiber admired the courage of Ukrainians and created the "BlueCheck" Ukraine charity foundation

On May 5, in a short interview with MSNBC, actor Liev Schreiber, a descendant of Ukrainians, spoke about the experience of helping Ukrainians first on the border with Ukraine and then in Lviv (a city in western Ukraine).

Schreiber shared that his volunteer journey began with a call from a friend. Then, for the first time, he thought that both he and his friend had watched the bloody events in Ukraine from the couch. And he decided it was time to do something and help. Initially, Liev Schreiber moved to the Polish border with Ukraine, the city of Przemyśl. There, the actor joined the World Central Kitchen team. They feed refugees from Ukraine every day.

"I think Putin's biggest mistake was to wake us up and remind us what we Americans have to do to be Americans, that we are a grandchildren's nation that only one generation separates us from such events," said Liev Schreiber.

After working with refugees, Liv Schreiber went to Lviv. We remind you that Ian McKellen and Angelina Jolie also visited Lviv.

"When I came to Ukraine, I was captivated by the incredible resilience and courage of the Ukrainian people," said the actor.

Liv Schreiber said he had to spend one night in Ukraine in a bomb shelter with Ukrainians as an air raid erupted over the city.

"Sleepless last night in Lviv. Air raid alarm went off at least 3 times. Hanging out in the basement shelter of our hotel I was so impressed by how optimistic and upbeat most of the People I met there seemed," Schreiber.

The actor had the opportunity to see how the orchestra of the Lviv National opera theater plays near the theater. "Near" — because the theater itself organized a headquarters to help citizens and collect food and medicine.

"It was so powerful. Speaking of the fact that we are a nation of grandchildren, my grandparents are Ukrainians. This was not my first visit to Ukraine, but the experience of this return, what I saw, was the opposite of what I wanted to see. "It was powerful to see the orchestra playing Requiem at the time. They took the chairs out of the theater because the theater was full of boxes of medicine and food, and sending people in need to the front line," Liev Schreiber.

After returning home, Liv co-founded the charity BlueCheck Ukraine. Thanks to BCU, Americans can donate money to help Ukraine.

We also remind you of the initiative of the president of Ukraine: the online platform United24, where anyone from anywhere in the world who wants to help Ukrainians and Ukraine can quickly and easily make a donation.

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