“Imagine Dragons” Performed a Concert with the Flag of Ukraine

by Olha Povaliaieva
Monday, June 6, 2022
“Imagine Dragons” Performed a Concert with the Flag of Ukraine

During the concert in Prague, the band's frontman took the flag from the audience and continued to sing with the flag in his hands

On June 5, Dan Reynolds supported Ukraine. During the performance, a fan from Ukraine, namely from Kharkiv, handed Dan the flag of Ukraine. He did not hesitate to take it and continued the concert with the flag in his hands.

Imagine Dragons is not the first time expressed its support for Ukraine. The group took part in the Save Ukraine charity marathon and also canceled all their concerts in Ukraine.

Singer Billie Eilish also performed with the flag of Ukraine. On June 2, during her concert, the singer was handed the flag of Ukraine by the audience. She took the flag and performed Happier Than Ever. Ukrainian singer Jerry Heil handed over Billie Eilish's flag. We remind you that Billie Eilish previously joined the Stand Up For Ukraine marathon and dedicated the song Your Power to Ukraine on her Instagram.

Against the background of the war, many representatives of the scene, performances, cinema, and business directly expressed their support for our country and called to join them. However, there are those who lacked the strength to take the side of Ukraine. At a concert by Russian stand-up artist Nurlan Samburov in San Francisco, a bloodied girl ran onto the stage. With this performance, she wanted to remind people of the rape that women are subjected to every day in Ukraine and the atrocities in Bucha. To which Samburov commented: "Excuse me, is this menstruation?" After that, all the comedian's concerts in the United States were canceled.

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