Inaction = Crime

by Olha Povaliaieva
Wednesday, September 21, 2022
Inaction = Crime

On September 21, from the rostrum of the UN General Assembly, a policy of Russia against Ukraine was twice called imperialism

The president of France, speaking before the UN General Assembly, said that the countries that refuse to take the side of Ukraine are accomplices of Putin's imperialism. Almost the entire European Union, the United States, and NATO countries acted as a united front against Russian aggression. However, Asia and Africa are not in a hurry to choose a side.

"Those who are silent today serve, against their will or secretly with some complicity, the cause of the new imperialism," Emmanuel Macron.

The president added that Russia's policy towards Ukraine is carried out under the auspices of "returning to the era of imperialism and colonies," and the modern world, by Putin's will, is obliged to choose between "war and peace."

Despite the fact that events in Ukraine change the course of world history daily, many countries continue to try to maintain neutrality. In April 2022, in the vote to exclude Russia from the UN Human Rights Council, 58 countries refused to vote. In particular, India, Brazil, South Africa and Indonesia. Macron said this position is unfair to those states that have sacrificed a lot for peace and have also become victims of the food and energy crisis due to the Russian war.

"Today I want to be clear: those who want to imitate the struggle of non-alignment by refusing to speak out clearly are making a mistake and will bear historical responsibility," Emmanuel macron.

We remind you that Olaf Scholz also called Putin's aggression today undisguised imperialism.

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