Japan Changed Its Law for Ukraine

by Olha Povaliaieva
Tuesday, September 13, 2022
Japan Changed Its Law for Ukraine

Japan made unprecedented changes to the law  to supply Ukraine with military aid

Japan has a law that prohibits the transfer of military weapons to other countries. For this reason, the government of an Asian country refused military assistance to Ukraine in March 2022. In the fall, however, Tokyo amended the weapons act. According to the changes, Japan can now provide non-lethal equipment to other countries. First of all, the Tokyo government decided to support Ukraine’s stand against aggressor Russia. After an unprecedented change in arms export procedures, the first shipment of military aid is already being prepared for shipment.

It is noted that the assistance package will include only non-lethal weapons. This means that all that Kyiv receives from Tokyo cannot lead to death or severe wounds for the occupiers. It is known that military assistance will include:

  • 6.900 helmets;
  • 40 small reconnaissance drones;
  • 1.900 flak jackets.

It should be noted that any military assistance is essential to confront the aggressor. Including the 1 that helps protect Ukrainian soldiers from enemy bullets and shrapnel. Of particular importance is the delivery assistance from Japan for a counter-offensive.

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