Japanese Volunteer Fell in Love With Kharkiv  

by Roman Cheplyk
Friday, February 17, 2023
Japanese Volunteer Fell in Love With Kharkiv   

75-year-old Japanese Fuminori Tsuchiko decided to spend the rest of his life in Ukraine

The 75-year-old traveller Fuminori Tsutiko was in Poland when he learned about the war in Ukraine. He was surprised by the history of the residents of Kharkiv, who were forced to leave their homes and live in the city's subway to escape the attacks of Russian bombs and missiles. Fuminori Tsutiko decided to see how things were going and came to Kharkiv and got down the metro. In an interview with Kharkiv's media, the hero notes that he wanted to support the Ukrainian people, and that's why he became a volunteer. Every day he left the subway and went for food under gunfire. At first, it was food for 3.000 people, then for 700, and eventually for 150 people who could not leave Kharkiv. It is noted that restaurants first brought food, but then finances were exhausted. So a Japanese volunteer began to run to shops.

"In the summer, it was good. I washed it with cold water. But in the winter... Oh, God, how cold it was," said Fuminori Tsuchiko.

He also wrote a blog on Facebook. He told stories about the war and life underground and organised financial collections. Now the Japanese continue to buy products and give them to their friends from the subway. Fuminori decided to stay in Kharkiv and sold his house in Japan. Now he lives in a rented apartment on Saltovka.

"Kharkiv is cool! And I will live in Kharkiv after the victory. I do not have a house in Japan. I sold everything. So I am here forever and will help Kharkiv," the Ukrainian-hearted Japanese.

P. S. Pay attention to the design of Fuminori's hat

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