Let Die on: the World no Longer Interested in War

by Olha Povaliaieva
Wednesday, June 8, 2022
Let Die on: the World no Longer Interested in War

Attention to the war in Ukraine decreased by 22 times. Why does it bad

Bucha. Gostomel. Nuclear terrorism. Missiles were launched in the maternity hospital and drama theater in Mariupol and the regional administration in Kharkiv. Dead girl Kira. Azovostal.

All this is left in the memory of Europeans. But as in the past.

Foreign internet users are 22 times less interested in the war in Ukraine than in February-March. The conflict in Ukraine is becoming less and less mentioned and discussed. News about Russian crimes receives about 4.8 million interactions instead of 109 million (February-March figure). This indicator was reserved by the researching company specializing in social networking targets NewsWhip.

The president of Ukraine spoke about this problem a week ago. In his opinion, attention to the problem of war in Ukraine is decreasing. This implies less pressure on political leaders. When foreign representatives are not motivated by the views of the people, the supply of arms and humanitarian aid is slowed down and aid is reduced. This entails more and more sex-related violence and the death of the Ukrainian people. Also, if Western aid is reduced, the number of Ukrainian refugees will increase, which will affect the foreign economy.

It is therefore important that everyone be able to live and work in their own country. But so far in April and May, the interest in the stories of the trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard has been 6 times higher than in Ukraine.

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