“Netflix” Will Show Ukrainian Films

by Olha Povaliaieva
Monday, October 3, 2022
“Netflix” Will Show Ukrainian Films

The film-holding service will buy a large package of Ukrainian films

The American company is ready to buy films from Ukrainian production. It was reported by Forbes referring to 2 sources from the largest holding of Eastern Europe Film.ua Group. It is reported that Netflix will buy a film of the Ukrainian production not for the first time, but immediately a large party — at least 14 works. Films will not be shown on an exclusive show because they have already been demonstrated in Ukrainian cinemas. The amount of the agreement has not yet been known to the broad circles. But there are already the first chains of films that will buy a well-known streaming service:

  • Crazy wedding;
  • Sniper. White raven;
  • The best weekends;
  • Great walk.

It is known that the film studio will publish on the website Sniper in December. White raven. As for other Ukrainian films chosen by representatives of Netflix, the negotiations are going on. For example, American representatives are negotiating the purchase of a fantastic family film about the dog-superhero Foxter and Max. Also, the site may appear already known in the Europe film Luxembourg Luxembourg Antonio Lukic.

Cooperation with American companies is developing rapidly. In 2016 Netflix became available in Ukraine. In 2021 all series and films of the service received Ukrainian dubbing. Now the owners of the company plan to open an office in Eastern Europe for the development of films all over the world.

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