“No Excuse to Deport Children to Russia”

by Roman Cheplyk
Sunday, March 20, 2023
“No Excuse to Deport Children to Russia”

ICC rejects Russian arguments about "saving Ukrainian children" and will hold Lvova-Belova accountable for broken lives

On March 17, attorney general Karim Ahmad Khan issued a statement regarding Putin's commissioner for children's affairs, Maria Lvova-Belova. Kremlinists and Lvova-Belova themselves argue that the deportation of Ukrainian children to Russian territory is a way to save these children from the war. However, Karim Khan unequivocally states that the deportation was inhumane and if Russia really set the goal of saving children, it would have chosen other methods.

"If there was a danger in a particular area, move them to other parts of Ukraine where that danger was not present," Karim Khan.

"If that wasn't possible, offer to move them to third countries."

Children who were forcibly "evacuated" from the war zone were sent to Russia, where they were given Russian citizenship and given up for adoption by Russian families. It is also horrifying that many children were not orphans and were literally abducted from their own families. And that is something that required attention, and this is what also gave additional impetus to the investigation," says the attorney general.

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