Polish-Korean Recovery Plan for Ukraine

by Meifan Honcharuk
Monday, April 3, 2023
Polish-Korean Recovery Plan for Ukraine

Foreign ministers of the countries agreed to rebuild Ukraine’s infrastructure after the war jointly 

Yonhap reported that South Korean and Polish politicians agreed to help Kyiv after the war. Diplomatic talks were held in Seoul on 14 March. Partner countries are building relations, including in terms of assistance to the country that Russia has attacked. The foreign ministers agree that peace must come to Ukraine and that an end to the war will require assistance. Therefore, the foreign Ministry of South Korea and Poland decided to participate in the rehabilitation and reconstruction of Ukraine. Partners are ready to support the resumption of infrastructure networks in Ukraine.

In addition, the participants of the business meeting discussed ways of bilateral defence cooperation. The countries will improve their strength and help Kyiv. Initially, according to Reuters, Poland would be able to transfer Krab self-propelled artillery pieces with South Korean parts to the Ukrainian Armed Forces. Seoul officially approved this type of aid.

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