Putin Underestimates the Ukrainian Resistance

by Olha Povaliaieva
Tuesday, May 10, 2022
Putin Underestimates the Ukrainian Resistance

Putin’s grandiose mistake was to attack Ukraine. Putin’s epochal miscalculation was to hope that his "army" could easily strangle the Ukrainians

On 10 May, in a daily report by British Intelligence, the British Ministry of defense suggested that Putin had decided to attack Ukraine, citing a false belief that there was little resistance on our part. Putin counted on a blitzkrieg, a gigantic shame, and an empty Red Square on May 9.

"Russia’s underestimation of Ukrainian resistance and its best case scenario' planning have led to demonstrable operational failings, preventing president Putin from announcing significant military success in Ukraine at the 09 May Victory Day parade. Russia’s invasion plan is highly likely to have been based on the mistaken assumption that it would encounter limited resistance and would be able to encircle and bypass population centres rapidly. This assumption led Russian forces to attempt to carry out the opening phase of the operation with a light, precise approach intended to achieve a rapid victory with minimal cost. This miscalculation led to unsuslosses and a subsequent reduction in Russia’s operational focus," Ministry of defense.

Evidently, Putin did not expect the strong international support that Ukraine receives every day and the resistance that all progressive countries of the world provide in response to Russia’s aggression. As Justin Trudeau said, "Russia’s crimes in Ukraine strengthen the desire of the civilized world to achieve Putin’s defeat."

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