“Ramstein-11” to Be Held in April 

by Meifan Honcharuk
Saturday, April 8, 2023
“Ramstein-11” to Be Held in April 

What issues will be considered at the upcoming meeting of the Ukraine Defence Contact Group 

Defence minister Reznikov said that this month there will be a new meeting of leaders who support the Ukrainian confrontation with Russia in the Ramstein format. The meeting will be held at a symbolic venue – at the American Ramstein air force base in Germany – in April 2022, the first meeting of the group of Ukrainian allies took place there.

The meeting will discuss the main opportunities to help and protect Ukraine in the war against the Russian invaders. In turn, the Ukrainian side has already named the topics that will be priorities for the meeting in Germany. Kyiv plans to discuss the delivery of F-16 combat aircraft and understands that this is a complex process, as their systems are more complex than others, differ in maintenance, and have different financial ranks. In addition, Reznikov stressed the need to protect the sky.

"Priority number 1 these are air defence systems and combat aircraft as a part of the air defence, so we do not stop there and continue to say that we need modern combat platforms 4++, it is clear," said the minister.

Ramstein will also raise issues of anti-drones, heavy artillery, and armoured equipment on the front. By anti-drones means a modern approach to war with combat drones – radio electronic systems.

The exact date of the 11th meeting is not yet known. But the countries participating in the Ramstein meeting have already for a year confirmed the unity and support of Ukraine in the struggle for their territories.

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