Reparations Reached $700 Bln

by Meifan Honcharuk
Wednesday, April 12, 2023
Reparations Reached $700 Bln

As of April 2023, Russia has caused damage to Ukraine that will take up to 10 years to restore

On April 12, a briefing was held where a representative of the cabinet of ministers of Ukraine announced the amount and position of Russian damage to the infrastructure and economy of Ukraine $700 billion. We remind you that the last report was $411 billion.

What infrastructure facilities were damaged or destroyed by the Russian war:

  • Residential buildings more than 74.000;
  • Educational institutions (from junior to high school) about 2.500;
  • Medical institutions 500;
  • Objects of religious significance 120;
  • Energy objects 114;
  • Networks and communications more than 4.500.

In the best case, the country's reconstruction will take 5 years. In the worst up to 10. Today, Ukraine registers all available facts.

And, worst of all, no amount of reparations will bring back more than 22.607 Ukrainians killed in the Russian war.

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