Russia Plans to Break Grain Agreements

by Olha Povaliaieva
Saturday, October 15, 2022
Russia Plans to Break Grain Agreements

The Russian ambassador to the UN gave Guterres a list of complaints demanding satisfaction. Otherwise, the grain corridor will be closed in November

Food blackmail continues. Gennady Gatilov, Russia's permanent ambassador to the UN, said that Russia is not satisfied with the terms of fulfilling its obligations under the grain agreement. Gatilov handed over to António Guterres a list of claims that Russia needs to satisfy. In case of refusal, Russia will close the grain corridor next month. We remind you that under the terms of the Turkey-UN-Russia grain agreement, Russia undertakes to unblock the Black sea ports for the export of Ukrainian grain, in exchange for this, Russia receives the right to export its fertilizers. Now Russia says it is still experiencing difficulties selling its goods and blames third parties for this, and demands the arrival of UN representatives in Moscow to revise the agreement.

"If we see that nothing is happening on the Russian side of the deal – the export of Russian grain and fertilizers – then, sorry, we will have to look at it differently," Gennady Gatilov. At the same time, Gatilov refused to make public the list of complaints. One of the tools of its blackmail, Russia is now using the explosion of the Crimean bridge, calling it a terrorist act by Ukraine against Russia.

"All this makes it difficult to reach a political solution," ambassador Gatilov.

According to the United States, Russia's statements about its readiness for negotiations with Ukraine are tantamount to "posturing" as the aggressor country continues to destroy civilian infrastructure with heavy artillery and kill the country's population.

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