Russian Certification of Ukrainian Citizens — Legally Void

by Olha Povaliaieva
Monday, July 12, 2022
Russian Certification of Ukrainian Citizens — Legally Void

The MFA of Ukraine reacted to Putin's decree on a simplified procedure for granting Russian passports to Ukrainians in the occupied territories

The president of Russia continues to encroach on the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine by imposing Russian passports on Ukrainians living in the temporarily occupied territories. On July 11, a law was signed on a simplified procedure for obtaining Russian passports for Ukrainians in the Zaporizhzhia and Kherson regions. And on June 12, this law was amended, extending this "legally void" law to the rest of Ukraine.

"The Ministry of foreign affairs of Ukraine strongly condemns the decree of the president of the Russian Federation of July 11, 2022, which provides for a simplified procedure for granting Russian citizenship to all citizens of Ukraine. This decision is yet another infringement on the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine, incompatible with the norms and principles of international law," minister of foreign affairs of Ukraine Dmytro Kuleba.

We emphasize: this passportization is forced. Ukrainians do not want to change their passports, but in the face of brutal Russian repression, some are forced to accept Russia's terms.

"This, in particular, confirms the continuation of the Kremlin's policy of seizing Ukrainian lands, destroying the Ukrainian state and forcibly assimilating the Ukrainian nation. Passportization of Ukrainian citizens is legally null and void and will not have legal consequences for Ukraine. At the same time, Russia is using a simplified procedure for issuing passports to delay nooses on the necks of the inhabitants of the temporarily occupied territories of our state, forcing them to participate in the criminal activities of the occupation administrations and the Russian army of conquest," continued Dmytro Kuleba.

All relevant departments of Ukraine confirm that Russian passports forcibly issued on the territory of Ukraine do not have legal force. Citizens of Ukraine remain citizens of Ukraine, regardless of whether the invaders have taken away their Ukrainian passports or not. As soon as the cities are de-occupied, all Ukrainians will again receive Ukrainian passports.

"This decree is worthless and testifies only to Putin's predatory appetites. I am convinced that the Armed Forces of Ukraine will cut them down with the proper support of partners. Therefore, it is now critically important to increase assistance to our state. I call on partners to react strongly to Putin's new passport fantasies: to urgently provide Ukraine with more heavy weapons and introduce new economic sanctions against Russia", Dmytro Kuleba.

We remind you that Putin's actions caused a resonance in the United States and will not go unnoticed in the future.

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