Russian Commander to Be Tried in Ukraine 

by Meifan Honcharuk
Friday, April 14, 2023
Russian Commander to Be Tried in Ukraine 

Ukraine opened a criminal case against the Russian troop for shooting columns with civilians in Irpin 

On 5 March 2022, the Russian military of the 173rd separate reconnaissance battalion and the 137th guards' parachute regiment seized several buildings in Irpin and established checkpoints – they were set up on the only road through which one could try to leave the town. On 6 March 2022, civilians attempted to evacuate from Irpin on this road. Residents put "children" and "evacuation" inscriptions on their cars. However, civilian vehicles were shot with flamethrowers and small arms. 6 cars and 13 people were injured: 5 were killed and 7 injured, including a child. The occupiers had shown no compassion even for the wounded, had not provided assistance themselves, and had prevented others from providing first aid.

Recently, the general prosecutor's office of Ukraine announced that a verdict would be handed down in the case of the shooting of civilians. The perpetrator has been identified (the commander of the battalion who supervised the execution of the evacuation convoy) and an indictment has been drawn up.

"Under the procedural guidance of the prosecutors of the general prosecutor's office, an indictment was filed against the commander of the 173rd separate reconnaissance battalion of the 106th division of the Russian armed forces for ill-treatment of the civilian population, war committed for the purpose of murder or other violation of laws or customs," was reported to the general prosecutor's office.

In this case, there is one remark – the guilty Russian military has already paid for its brutality. According to Russian sources, battalion commander Stanislav Stenin, who will be tried in Ukraine, died in April 2022. As it should be, the Kremlin awarded the killer another title, and in his native city, memorial plaques were installed and an alley was opened in his honour.

However, the Ukrainian court will be held and all those guilty of atrocities against the peaceful people will be punished. The guilty will get even from the ground!

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