Russian Feces in the Azov Sea

by Olha Povaliaieva
Friday, May 27, 2022
Russian Feces in the Azov Sea

The invaders destroyed the sewers in Mariupol and do not want to repair them

The Russian media have been reporting the complete capture of Mariupol for weeks. But the Ukrainian military left the last position, Azovstal, only last week on its initiative. Now the city is completely occupied, and the Russian Federation is talking about the creation of a resort city on the fragments of Mariupol, but no one is in a hurry to repair needs first necessity. So the city is constantly flooded and the sewer system is down. At the same time, the civilian survivors of Mariupol are still in a difficult humanitarian situation. They do not have water. Water from the bombardment of the occupiers flows to the streets of the city. Purified water and food cannot be brought to occupied Mariupol.

But the most dangerous thing in the sewer. The sewer system is not working. The invaders can not resume the drainage and sewage lines. They don’t have enough power to repair the canal and pipes to remove the feces. But the Russian military is in large numbers in the city. They meet their needs. All this threatens to get into the streets of Mariupol.

Once the feces are in the city streets, they’ll start to flow towards the sea. This direction of waste is caused by the slope of the city towards the sea. Thus, the Sea of Azov will throw even more dolphins on the shore even more dolphins. Feces will damage the ecosystem and cause many diseases.

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