Russian Reserves Deplete as Fast as Forces

by Olha Povaliaieva
Tuesday, October 25, 2022
Russian Reserves Deplete as Fast as Forces

Russian armed forces used more than 50% of all types of strike weapons

Ukrainian Ministry of defence's chief of intelligence Kyrylo Budanov said that Russia is exhausted. But he warned that the aggressor will be able to terrorize the Ukrainian people for a long time. How exactly — we will deal with it in the article.

243 days. 8 months ago, Russia launched an invasion from all available sides of Ukraine. The aggressor sent its army and missile strikes from the early occupied territories, its cities, and the territory of Belarus. As of 24 October, air strikes continued to be launched from all the points above.

Ukraine notes that the aggressor's missile stockpile is almost broken. Russia has already crossed a dangerous border with some types of strike weapons. Budanov reports that the warehouse with 9K720 (Iskander) missile complex is already 87% empty. The specialist says that having a reserve of less than 30% is very dangerous (30% is an untouchable reserve, which is necessary for minimal defence against attacks).

"The Calibre-pl and Caliber-NK (Sizzler codification by NATO — ed.) remained about 43%, the missiles X-101 and X-555 are also about 45%," said the head of the intelligence department.

But Russia will be able to destroy Ukrainian cities for a long time. Russia has found a supplier of weapons that can be struck from the sky. Iranian Shahed drones are actively supplied to Putin's army. More than 300 drones have been provided in a month. The first ordered batch has already ended. Ukraine, lacking the necessary air defence, was able to destroy 222 drones. Only 30% of the surviving Shaheds reached the target, the rest missed.

Now the Kremlin has begun to use the second packet of Iranian weapons against Ukraine. Ukraine warns that new drone strikes will not stop because Russia has ordered another 1.700 drones for attacks. But Budanov notes that this order still needs to be completed, which is likely to be difficult due to recent events.

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