Russians Killed a Group of Foreign Volunteers in the Donetsk Region

by Olha Povalaieiva
Monday, September 11, 2023
Russians Killed a Group of Foreign Volunteers in the Donetsk Region

Chasiv Yar. An anti-tank missile hit a car with citizens of Spain, Germany, Sweden and Canada

September 10, Chasiv Yar town, Donetsk region. Russian terrorists targeted a car with foreign volunteers from the charity organisation Road to Relief using an anti-tank missile system. In the car were: Road to Relief director Emma Igual from Spain, Anthony "Tonko" Ignat from Canada, medical volunteer Mawick Ruben from Germany, and Johan Mathias Thyr from Sweden. Volunteers carried humanitarian aid in the Bakhmut direction.

Mawick and Johan are seriously wounded and sent to a hospital in the Dnipro region, Anthony and Emma are killed. Imagine: the Russians used an anti-tank missile against a passenger car with people.

"Ruben and Johan were badly injured with shrapnel wounds and burns but are now stable in separate hospitals far from the scene. Tonko has been confirmed dead, and his body has been retrieved, while Emma's current status is still unknown," Road to Relief on Instagram.

Photos taken from Instagram of the Road to Relief. Notably, at the time of the tragedy in Chasiv Yar, the G20 summit was taking place in New Delhi, which Putin did not dare to attend.

Killing volunteers, medics, and journalists is a remarkable tactic in Russia's war against civilians.

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