Russians Robbed the Largest Crimean Museum

by Meifan Honcharuk
Friday, July 7, 2023
Russians Robbed the Largest Crimean Museum

The occupiers prepared for export to Russia 300.000 exhibits from the museum-reserve "Tauric Chersonesos"

Ukraine suffers from many Russian cultural traditions: rape, shooting people, torture, ignorance, vandalism, theft. The Center for national resistance reports that the occupiers have prepared 300.000 priceless exhibits of the Crimean museum-reserve Tauric Chersonesos and, under the guise of restoration, plan to send the entire collection to Russia. We already remember how, under the guise of a "summer vacation," Ukrainian children were taken to Russia and have not been returned for a year and a half.
The museum's entire collection includes 500.000 exhibits, and the invaders, of course, collected the most expensive and important.

We remind you that Russia destroyed or robbed 1.521 cultural facilities in Ukraine: museums, libraries, churches, theatres. etc

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