Russia’s Retribution Will Be Unbearable to It

by Olha Povaliaieva
Wednesday, June 15, 2022
Russia’s Retribution Will Be Unbearable to It

A meeting on "Pressure Points: Where Ukrainian War Is Resolved", with NATO commanders-in-chief and generals calling for NATO's direct intervention in the war

The meeting occurred in Washington on 13 June.

The former commander-in-chief of NATO and the United States, general Wesley Clark, said NATO must intervene to end the war. "It is time for NATO to understand: either the Alliance is leaving the territory, or it is ceasing to operate, "said General Wesley Clark.

According to Clark, the international community, and NATO, in particular, must order Russia to end the war and stop the war.
"The idea of ​​secretary general Jens Stoltenberg, who today found to support that NATO can do nothing without a direct attack, was thwarted in the 1990s. It is time to return to the lessons we have learned. NATO must intervene. Let's officially declare this and order the Russians to cease fire. The war cannot be stopped without NATO intervention," Wesley Clark said.

In confirmation of his proposal, the general recalled the war in Yugoslavia in 1990. The NATO army entered the country to end the war without first obtaining the general consent of the Alliance. In that war, NATO focused mainly on the naval and air forces of the United States, Britain, France, and Germany.

"Of course, I hoped that would happen (NATO's intervention in the direct defense of Ukraine — ed). But here, I am not an optimist. Perhaps a coalition of states could join. It would also be great if they had the potential to have UN support. But for now, the entire Alliance is unlikely to take such a step. Although I personally would support this decision," said Philip Breedlove, retired US army general, commander of NATO forces Europe 2013-2016.

We remind you that work on the implementation of his project has already begun: Britain, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia are ready to defend Ukraine on their own and join a segregated alliance to defend Ukraine.

Eric Edelman, diplomat and former deputy secretary of defense for US policy, said NATO's actions should show Russia and the world that unprovoked war and genocide will not go unpunished and that retribution for war crimes and violations of international law will be too great.

"What is happening in Ukraine will not stay in Ukraine. Everyone is watching the United States and the West react to this deliberate, unprovoked Russian aggression. In particular, in Beijing, Tehran, and other places where the United States and the world have a keen interest in preventing this kind of aggression. We need to ensure that the lessons the world learns from these events do not mean that the west can be intimidated, that Western countries can be divided, and that they may lose focus and patience. Our lesson should be the following: you will pay a severe price, it may become unaffordable for you. The west will stand by those whom it has promised to support and to whom it has guaranteed assistance," said Eric Edelman.

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