The Bravest Woman Live in Ukraine

by Roman Cheplyk
Thursday, February 16, 2023
The Bravest Woman Live in Ukraine

The government formed a volunteer "Offensive Guard" with 17.000 Ukrainians. 600 of them are women!

The Ministry of internal affairs of Ukraine has initiated the creation of an assault brigade consisting of the national guard, police, and the state border guard service of Ukraine. The project was named Offensive Guard. All the servants will participate in the liberation of temporarily occupied territories. All battalions are formed voluntarily. And it should be noted that 17.000 Ukrainians have already applied to join the guard strengthening the defenders of the country.

But the remarkable thing is that as men, girls are just as willing to defend their homeland. Only in October 2022, Ukraine allowed women to open the army. In early February, it was announced that the brigades would be recruited for various assignments. Since then, in half a month, 600 Ukrainian women have applied to join. In total, the protection of Ukraine is now worth about 59.756 women.

It is reported that if volunteers from Offensive Guard want to be intelligence officers, they pass tests. Volunteers must also be tested and trained to handle weapons. Applications are still accepted. Interior minister Ihor Klimenko said that the average age of candidates is 33 years, the oldest day is 69.

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