The Children of War Touching Exhibition Opened in Kyiv

by Olha Povaliaieva
Sunday, October 30, 2022
The Children of War Touching Exhibition Opened in Kyiv

Mobile exhibition "Mariupol. Where are you?" dedicated to children killed during the war

The Museum of the history of Kyiv presents paintings about children killed by Russians in Mariupol. On the walls are children's portraits, photographs of broken families and events that have taken place since the beginning of February 24, and screenshots of residents' messages. Also, there is a photo of a diary of an 8-years-old boy from Mariupol (you see it on the cover of the article). 

The name is Mariupol. Where are you? makes a lot of sense. In Ukrainian, "Where are you" sounds like the inscription "Children" near the Mariupol drama theatre. Recall that the theatre was a shelter for the residents of Mariupol, on the ground, they wrote "children" in big letters, but Russian planes still dropped bombs on the object. Hundreds of people were killed there, including children of all ages.

"This is a question that is relevant for all Mariupol today. For the first time, when the connection was restored, Mariupol asked each other, "where are you?". We ask one in one now when scattered around the world," also tell the authors of the exposition.

People can get to the exhibition every day from 12 to 7 p. m. until November 3. Admission fee — $1.35. The world must see and know these stories.

In eight months, Russian invaders killed almost 450 children.

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