The Criminal, Not the Victim, Must Answer

by Olha Povaliaieva
Monday, June 6, 2022
The Criminal, Not the Victim, Must Answer

Bridget Brink emphasized that Russia is the attacker of an independent state. Therefore, it is necessary to monitor its actions, not Ukraine's response

On February 3, on the national telethon, the US ambassador to Ukraine encouraged the world community to adjust its priorities. Recently, there have been more and more statements about what Ukraine should or should not do: keep Putin's face, give up its lands for peace, and so on. In turn, Brink stressed that it was Russia that attacked Ukraine, and it was Russia that must both stop and take responsibility.

"But I keep coming back to the fact that Russia attacked Ukraine, so the question is not what Ukraine is doing in response to this attack. We need to focus on the fact that this is Russia's attack on a sovereign state, and the problem we are dealing with now is the forced change of borders. Therefore, the main issue for me is not what Ukraine is doing, but what Russia is doing, and the whole world is watching this," Bridget Brink said.

We remind you that the collection and further transfer of a $700 million military aid package to Ukraine is underway. Among other military equipment, Ukraine will receive 4 units of HIMARS (high mobility artillery rocket system). The United States is handing over the installations on the condition that Ukraine will not use them to shell Russian territory, and Russian propaganda has clung to this condition. Therefore, Bridget Brink added that Ukraine will determine the range of HIMARS strikes.

On the cover of the article, you see the Russian shelling of the Ukrainian Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant by prohibited phosphorus missiles.

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