The Oil Embargo Without Hungary’s Voice

by Olha Povaliaieva
Monday, May 23, 2022
The Oil Embargo Without Hungary’s Voice

The European Parliament proposed an oil embargo against Russia without taking into account the Hungarian vote

The German federal state radio and television, Deutsche Welle, with the right to broadcast abroad, has published a report on the progress of the Russian oil embargo. According to the source, vice president of the European Parliament Katarina Barley proposed to colleagues as soon as possible to adopt a ban on the purchase and transportation of Russian fuel. Taking into account all the already known problems, the politician proposed to decide without the participation of Hungary in the voting.

We note that Hungary and several other countries refuse to stop financing the war in Ukraine by purchasing oil and gas from the Russian Federation. Therefore, the adoption of the 6th package of EU sanctions against the aggressor country is delayed. The countries that oppose the embargo are most dependent on the supply of Russian fuel. The EU has agreed to make concessions, aware of the seriousness of the issue. The organization's leaders are willing to give some countries time to switch suppliers of raw materials. Thus, Prague is offered to agree to give up oil from Russia in July 2024, Budapest and Bratislava — from 2025.

But the prime minister of Hungary, Vyktor Orban, felt that this proposal did not seem advantageous. Hungary declares that it is ready to give up the oil if the EU provides compensation for €15-18 billion. 

Such statements by the Hungarian government caused the European Commission to react. On 21 May, Katarina Barley gave an interview to Deutschlandfunk. During the speech, she stated that Orban is "leading the EU around by the nose". She believes that claiming financial compensation is brazen. Especially at a time when other countries are ready to give up Russian services free of charge. Barley also hinted that all the money that Orban and his government received or received went to their clans. The deputy prime minister of the European Parliament accused Hungary of having a corrupt system. As a result, the politician proposed a vote for an oil embargo without Putin’s backing.

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