The Russian Ecocide Continues. Dzharylgach Island

by Meifan Honcharuk
Tuesday, May 23, 2023
The Russian Ecocide Continues. Dzharylgach Island

Russian occupiers destory the ecosystem of the national park of Ukraine/one of the world’s 22 most important wetlands

The island of Dzharylgach is located in Ukraine, on the waters of the now-occupied Kherson region. The island and the bay near it are considered not only a protected area of the country but also included in the list of the 22 most critical unique areas of the planet. Dzharylgach is listed as a wetland protected by the Ramsar сonvention. In addition to the fact that this place in Ukraine is the habitat and nutrition of wetland birds, unique species of dolphins live here (a white and bottlenose dolphin).

However, the Russian Federation is ready to destroy not only the civilian population of Ukraine by launching missile strikes on residential buildings but also to cause horrible damage to nature. The occupiers continue the ecocide, which may lead to the disappearance of birds and dolphins in the Black sea.

On 19 May, it was reported that soldiers had connected the island to the occupied part of the Kherson region with a sand embankment.

"Overlapping of the Lazurne ravine will lead to siltation and degradation of the ecosystems of the entire bay, disrupting the migration processes of fish, which, in particular, feed wetland birds," explained the Ministry of environment of Ukraine.

The Russians use a previously uninhabited island as a military base. Military exercises are being conducted there by factories and military equipment, also reported by residents of the village of Lazurne, which is connected to the island.

After the general staff of Ukraine confirmed the information on changes in the Black sea, pickets were held in several countries of the world (Germany, Britain, the Czech Republic, Spain, and Norway). People remind the world what the aggressor does and what is dangerous is the destruction of the ecosystem of a unique island.

The Russian armed forces have been committing genocide and ecocide in Ukraine for over a year.

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