The US Allows Ukraine’s External Debt Cancellation

by Olha Povaliaieva
Sunday, May 8, 2022
The US Allows Ukraine’s External Debt Cancellation

To help Ukraine resist Russian aggression and end the war with its own victory, the United States is considering various tools, including the cancellation of external debt

On May 6, press secretary Jen Psaki Gaggle, Aboard Air Force One En route Hebron, said this during a press conference.

“We are very open to anything that will help Ukrainians rebuild their country, obviously in the fight against the Russian invasion. And we know that humanitarian and economic aid, which will take various forms, right? — is vital to them and their successful progress. And I can clarify whether we have a specific opinion on external debt cancellation,” Psaki said.

Russia for 2 months by the war destroyed 50% of the country's GDP. To rehabilitate the economy, Ukraine needs at least 5 years. Over 5 years, the economy of Ukraine should increase annually by 15% or by 7% over 10 years.

We also remind you that on April 28, the United States voted in favor of granting Lend-lease to Ukraine, and on May 9, the law will be signed by president Joe Biden.

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