Ukraine Might Get French “Leclerc” Tanks

by Olha Povaliaieva
Thursday, January 19, 2023
Ukraine Might Get French “Leclerc” Tanks

This step is being considered, but no final decision has yet been made

According to Politico, the French military-political elite is considering the possibility of providing Ukraine with domestic Leclerc tanks.

"This is a difficult issue and a final decision in Paris has not yet been made. But we are discussing it. Certain decisions can be made at a joint meeting with the German side in Davos," an anonymous source told Politico.

Leclerc tanks were developed in France in the 80s. Today, about 406 tanks are on the French Ministry of Defence balance sheet, and another 388 are in service with the UAE.

Earlier, Great Britain, the USA, France, Spain, Finland and Poland announced their readiness to transfer tanks to Ukraine.

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