Ukrainian Archaeologists Found Kyivan Rus Artefacts 

by Meifan Honcharuk
Tuesday, April 11, 2023
Ukrainian Archaeologists Found Kyivan Rus Artefacts 

Studies of Ukraine helped to open the customs seal of the period of Kyiv Rus' border of the 11th-12th centuries

In Ukraine, a construction project of a shelter and an educational building of the Lyceum named after Oleksandr Tsynkalovskyi near the tract Apostolovshchyna, Volyn region. The project involves the state enterprise Protection archaeological service of Ukraine, the Institute of the archaeology of Ukraine, Volyn national university named after Lesya Ukrainka, the reserve Ancient Volodymyr and the Union of archaeologists of Ukraine. In this composition, researchers found a customs seal. It is assumed that the seal belongs to the type used by judges in Kiyivan Rus in the XI-XII century. The find has 2 sides: on one is depicted Saint John the Baptist, on the other – is a prosperous cross.

The attribution has a small diameter of 13x10 mm. But even this discovery provides the impetus for an even more careful study of the territory and new historical discoveries. It should be noted that this is the most significant archaeological work in the territory of the discovery.

Note that Kyivan Rus is an essential period in the formation of Ukraine. In IX-XIII, this medieval state was one of the most powerful in Europe, with Kyiv capital. The state stretched for thousands of km. Therefore, historical finds in the former territories of Kyivan Rus have always contributed to history and culture, including Ukrainian culture. 

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