Ukrainian Businessmen Hire Furry Employees

by Olha Povaliaieva
Sunday, November 21, 2022
Ukrainian Businessmen Hire Furry Employees

Ukrainian animal welfare organization and job search platform invites Ukrainian companies to hire "Heat, sleep, purr and bark managers"

Animal welfare organization UAnimals and job search platform have launched a charity project Fluffy employees. As part of the project, anyone may "hire" a fluffy baby for a job. In fact, take an animal from a shelter.

There are currently 8 vacancies on the site:

  • Fluffy image maker;
  • Paw stomping manager;
  • Sleep executive;
  • Stroking manager;
  • Goodies quality control officer;
  • Tailed communications manager;
  • Heating and purring manager;
  • Office sofa safety CEO.

The hired four-legged friend will "receive a salary" — namely, transfers to the UAnimals account. The funds will be used to save animals that suffered from the Russian war.

You may hire a cat or a dog and make a monthly payment here. Not only the employer can help, but every person who wants to help. We remind you that earlier, UAnimals raised funds for the evacuation of war-affected lions and bear to the Polish zoo and the African savannah.

Also, masterpieces painted with the paws of cats and dogs are still available for purchase. The funds will be used to equip a veterinary department in a charitable animal shelter in the Kyiv region.

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