Ukrainian Cafe-Bakery Chain Opens in Poland

by Olha Povaliaieva
Friday, October 7, 2022
Ukrainian Cafe-Bakery Chain Opens in Poland

"Lviv Croissants" from now will serve croissants and coffee not only in Ukraine but in Wroclaw, Zgorzelec and Warsaw

Lviv Croissants is a Ukrainian chain of bakery cafes and author's croissants and delicious coffee. The first cafe was opened in 2015 in Lviv, and today there are 141 establishments in Ukraine. Now Lviv Croissants has entered the European market: 2 cafes have already been launched in Wroclaw and Zgorzelec, and a launch is planned in Warsaw shortly. The network's opening will take place according to 2 models: own bakeries and franchising. Management will be carried out from the central office in Lviv.

"There will be no change in the assortment, but the filling of some croissants has been adapted to the Polish market. Local producers will supply all ingredients. It took the team three months to adapt the menu. It's no secret that Polish products differ in taste from Ukrainian ones. The team did their best to make the croissant prepared in Poland taste similar to the Ukrainian one or even better," Lviv Croissant's management.

The network of establishments plans to open a regional office, where will be involved Polish specialists and relocated Ukrainians. A unique feature of Lviv Croissants is cooperation with United24: using a QR code on biodegradable coffee cups, you can read information about the situation in Ukraine and how every citizen of the world can help Ukrainians right now.

By the way, this is the cafe where Angelina Jolie dined during her visit to Lviv. 

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