Ukrainians Executed Under Video Cameras

by Olha Povaliaieva
Monday, May 23, 2022
Ukrainians Executed Under Video Cameras

"The New York Times" released video evidence of the execution of Ukrainians by the Russian military

Kyiv and the Kyiv region ceased to be only the center and capital of Ukraine. The central region of the country became a place of pain, death, and tears. During the 1.5 months of occupation, the designated area lost thousands of people. Most of them were subjected to torture and execution.

The prosecutor general's office of Ukraine has already reported several times the facts of the killing of people. All the victims had their hands tied. It was mainly men. The most massive execution of Ukrainians was carried out by the occupiers in Bucha. But the aggressor country denies this fact and refers to the planned fakes.

However, on 4 March, video surveillance cameras on several buildings in Bucha recorded evidence for an international trial. The video was published in The New York Times.

The material shows that two Russian soldiers with automatic rifles lead nine men. All the captured men follow each other. One hand behind the head, the other hand holding the pants in front of the prisoner. The drone's camera also caught the same building but on the other side. The men were led behind the facade of the building and shot. The photo shows a Russian soldier and a mountain of corpses. They identify 9 male prisoners of war. 

The drone that took the pictures belongs to a witness. He says that the men were taken behind the house, after which he heard gunshots. Since then, no civilian prisoners have returned.

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