World Society of 4-Paw Volunteers Founded in Ukraine

by Meifan Honcharuk
Thursday, July 13, 2023
World Society of 4-Paw Volunteers Founded in Ukraine

Ukrainian dachshund Koks created a volunteers blog and bought 4 cars for the army

Hanna Terianik, owner of a dachshund from Dnipro named Koks, ran a dog blog. With the advent of the war, it was decided to use the fame tax for a helpful cause. That is why Hanna Terianik was the first in Ukraine to create a global community of fluffy volunteers. Koks became the brand face.

The dog blog on Facebook began to raise money for the army. At first, the fundraisers were attended by acquaintances, distributing information to people who maintain pages of other animals. Over time, representatives of different countries joined the organisation of cats and dogs. Koks currently runs a charity for 3.300 readers. The organisation raised money for 4 cars for the Armed Forces of Ukraine during charity work.

"We brought the first car for Izum. We were already there with the car, just the Kharkiv region was liberated," said Terianik.

So the 4-footed volunteers organisation first bought a pickup truck, an SUV, and a minibus. Recently, the Ukrainian dachshund closed the money collection for the truck for the military. The organisation notes that it sees support from owners of Ukrainian and foreign animals, so they will help the armed forces of Ukraine until the victory over Russia.

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