Zelenskyy Congratulated the 3-rd Time PM of Israel

by Olha Povaliaieva
Tuesday, November 8, 2022
Zelenskyy Congratulated the 3-rd Time PM of Israel

On November 7, the president of Ukraine held a phone conversation with Binyamin Netanyahu

Netanyahu was the longest-running Israeli government. In November 2022, he took office as prime minister for the third time. The president of Ukraine congratulated Netanyahu on this event. It is reported that Zelenskyy's conversation with the new Israeli prime minister took place after Binyamin Netanyahu's conversation with Biden. Zelenskyy wished Israeli politician a successful government and discussed options for cooperation.

The fact is that since the beginning of the war, Netanyahu has opposed armed support for Ukraine in the war with Russia. He supported the purely humanitarian nature of assistance. The new minister recently stated that he was ready to reconsider his policy in favour of providing military assistance to Ukraine. As head of government, an Israeli official is willing to consider providing some weapons. This was reported in the media Vesty Israel, and the president of Ukraine hinted after the talks.

"I believe that we can significantly strengthen our states. Especially since we have similar threats. I expressed hope that the level of Ukrainian-Israeli interaction will correspond to the security challenges facing our countries," said Zelenskyy on Twitter.

Recall that the Ukrainian side hopes to strengthen relations with Israel. Jerusalem cooperates with Kyiv in the field of intelligence.

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