8.000 Russian War Crimes in 64 Days of War

by Olha Povaliaieva
Friday, April 29, 2022
8.000 Russian War Crimes in 64 Days of War

The UN security council announced the investigation of war crimes of the RF and the execution of Ukrainian prisoners of war by Russian executioners

As of April 27, the UN security council, which is investigating Russia's actions, has already documented about 6.000 war crimes. According to the UN High Commissioner, her office got acquainted with the cases of 5.939 civilian casualties, plus 2.787 killed and 3.152 wounded. That's about 100 war crimes a day. And this is only official UN data, but in reality, both the number of victims and the number of crimes are much higher: "Most of the victims died as a result of artillery and rocket attacks, as well as airstrikes in populated areas."

Michelle Bachelet also said that the family of every affected Ukrainian should receive compensation "for the damage and tragedy caused to them."

"Criminals must and will be held accountable," Albanian foreign minister Olta Xhaçka. All representatives of the countries present at the meeting agreed with her.

According to the prosecutor general of Ukraine, Irina Venediktova, who directly cooperates with the prosecutor general of the Hague Court Karim Khan, her office has already registered 8.000 criminal cases. Karim Khan, who recently traveled to Ukraine to see what the Russians left behind in the occupied cities, involved 43 countries in the investigation. We remind you that on April 25, PACE called on each participating country to raise their agencies and contribute to the investigation of Russia's crimes. All civilized society places the blame and responsibility for the crimes on Russia. Russia, as expected, falsely declares that it is Ukraine and its military that are to blame for the deaths and use the civilian population as human shields.

US ambassador to the UN for Global Criminal Justice, Beth Van Schaak, has presented irrefutable evidence that the Russians are killing Ukrainians who surrender. "There is credible information that a Russian unit around Donetsk executed Ukrainians who tried to surrender rather than taking them into custody," Beth Van Schaak to CNN.

Killing soldiers who have surrendered is a war crime, as there is a prohibition on the extrajudicial execution of civilians and combatants who have become incapacitated by surrender, injury, or other forms of incapacity. We remind you that even those Ukrainian soldiers who were left alive are tortured every day, and on May 9 they plan to be led through the streets of Mariupol and Russia like war trophies.

Beth Van Schaak added that the US has "credible reports of executed citizens with their hands tied, bodies with marks of torture, and "horrifying stories of sexual violence against women and girls."

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