8 Foreign Vessels Arrived in Ukraine for Grain

by Olha Povaliaieva
Tuesday, July 12, 2022
8 Foreign Vessels Arrived in Ukraine for Grain

On July 12, 8 ships arrived through the mouth of the Danube-Black sea with the help of the Naval Forces of Ukraine to export Ukrainian agricultural products

After the liberation of the Serpent's island, there was a partial possibility of exporting Ukrainian grain across the Black sea. Using the mouth of the Danube-Black sea makes possible the export of more grain than by land route, but still not enough to prevent the impending world famine. Nevertheless, already 2 days after the establishment of a new route, 8 vessels arrived in Ukraine for grain.

According to the press service of the Naval Forces of Ukraine, they help in organizing the export and ensuring the safety of these ships. Previously, the Russian blockade of Ukrainian ports led to an overload of the Sulina canal, which was used as an alternative for maritime exports of agricultural products.

We remind you that Recep Erdogan acted as an intermediary between Ukraine and Russia in the grain issue, although the results so far are zero. Nevertheless, the Turkish president said that a breakthrough in the issue of the unlocking of Ukrainian ports can occur for up to 10 days. The loud statement caused doubts in the Ministry of foreign affairs of Ukraine. Turkey's assurances are especially hard to believe after they deliberately lowered a Russian ship full of grain stolen from Ukraine.

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