Back From Russian Captivity

by Olha Povaliaieva
Friday, September 2, 2022
Back From Russian Captivity

14 Ukrainian defenders returned home after more than 3 months of captivity

On September 2, the coordinating staff for the treatment of prisoners of war reported that the Russian Federation had sent home 14 soldiers of the Ukrainian armed forces. The 10 defenders were in one mechanized brigade. They were captured on 25 May. 4 Ukrainians were captured on May 26 and were in another separate mechanized brigade. Among them there is a military medical officer and an officer. The exchange took place in the Donetsk region.

Such events are significant for the Ukrainian government and people. However, there is an open question on the return of the still surviving defenders of Ukraine, who surrendered in Mariupol.

Recall that part of the Ukrainian military voluntarily surrendered to the port city of the Donetsk region and will never return home. The Russian occupiers blew up a hospital where wounded Ukrainian soldiers were put.

Another part of the defenders of Mariupol succumbed to torture and a public trial with an uncivilized outcome — the decision on the death penalty.

Another part of the Ukrainian soldiers is waiting to return home. The soldiers of the Azov regiment are still in captivity by the Russian Federation. Putin’s puppets do not put them on the prisoner exchange lists. Unfortunately, it is impossible to say that they are still alive. Therefore, ordinary people of Ukraine and other countries concerned about this issue continue to go to rallies with a request to release Azovstal fighters.

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